180 Degrees empowers student athletes with impactful tools to ensure they have a successful academic and athletic journey. We focus on academics, athletics, skill development and social and emotional development.

Triple "A" Effect

Academics | Accountability | Athletics


180 Degrees Academy learning experiences are provided by an accredited state certified program that meets all Texas educational and high school graduation requirements.

  • Accredited Online Platform

  • State Certified and Specially Trained in Online Learning

  • NCAA Approved

  • Learning Coach

  • Learning path designed for the Student

  • Engaging Environment

  • 100% Graduation Rate

  • Small Group

  • 30 hours of Learning and Growing Per Week

  • 30% of the school day is spent exploring lessons online with a certified teacher

  • 70% Working Independently Offline


180 Degrees motivates student athletes to take responsibility for their learning and athletic growth to achieve their best outcome. Accountability in sports is about setting a standard of excellence in how you develop and learn your craft which is key to improving outcomes. We promote student athlete accountability by providing:

  • Instructional Support

  • Monthly Evaluation with Parents

  • College and Career Readiness Advisement

  • Athlete Life Coaching

  • Character Development

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Healthy Lifestyle

  • Time Management

  • College Tours

  • FAFSA Advising


180 Degrees coaching staff will create an individualized strength & conditioning plan targeted for next level recruitment that is showcased in high level competition.

  • Showcase Events

  • Experienced Coaching

  • College Exposure

  • Weight Training

  • Position Specific Skill Development

  • Film Study

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For more information contact:

Henry Sims, Director of Operations

(832) 687-3963